Friday, June 20, 2014

Big Sexy Hair for all your summer travel

TGIF Gorgeous!
How's your summer hair holding up? Mine's a mess! I still have not found a hairstylist to replace the best one ever though I am in deep need of a cut/color/condition treatment! Stat!

 Remember the 2014 Generation Beauty YouTube Space L.A. party I went to last month? Well, I've traveled so much lately that I am still playing through all of the products that were in my swag bags.
Like, this can of big sexy hair hairspray!

So these bags you see here in the hotel room contained some serious beauty gems!

I was in Carlsbad when I took these photos at my family's favorite beach spot, and now I'm traversing Arizona and i have this can of hairspray with me. Why? Because it goes from super, ho,t dry weather to super, humid, muggy weather while keeping a hairstyle straight or wavy with just a light spray!

This brand was at Generation Beauty last year and I received a sample of the root boosting powder. It was/is amazing at making fine, flat hair super full and voluminous!

So as my summer journey continues I will surely keep you posted on the beauty items that are making the trip with me!

You can find the brand big sexy hair at mass retailers everywhere!

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