Friday, June 13, 2014

Gerard Cosmetics BB+Illumination Creme: looks like Emily Blunt wore in Edge of Tomorrow

Hello Gorgeous!

I just saw the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt movie called Edge of Tomorrow. I like sci fi. I like Tom Cruise movies ( except Jack Reacher) and I like Emily Blunt.

 The movie is good because it is sort of a new story. ( sort of Halo'ish) The over all production is good too. It just takes a long time to get going. Besides, the line up of movies coming out the rest of the year is one big line up of yawn. Do overs. Repeats and sequels with prequels.

So let's tie a product into this movie review!

Emily Blunt has some scenes in the movie where her makeup is absolutely radiant! It could be the lighting, it could be editing treatment, but I'm thinking a lot of thanks goes to the amazing team of makeup artists assembled for this production.

So enter Gerard Cosmetics BB+Illuminating Facial Creme...

BB Plus Illumination is a versatile  and luminous product that can be used in a variety of ways. Get creative and experiment with this all-in-one product. BB Plus can be used alone, as a cream highlighter, primer or mixed with your favorite liquid foundation to add a touch of radiance. The product’s golden undertone adds dimension and a youthful glow to any complexion and is completely customizable to your lifestyle. BB creams are famous for their anti-aging, hydrating and brightening properties and with the boost of illuminating particles that reflect your imperfections, you will embrace a more vibrant you.

Gerard Product Icons  $36.00

 In my personal experience, (and when wanting to look like Emily Blunt character Sergeant Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow) I applied a thin layer over my moisturizer and added bronzer for a fresh summer look.

On me, I used very sparingly, in general I don't like shiny makeup. I think my freckles reflect more? Here is a swatch of the creme. It looks beautiful over makeup, though I prefer it under.

A lil bit about Gerard Cosmetics BB+ Illuminating Creme from their website.
Puts standard BB creams to shame. Our Exclusive
Formula includes light reflecting particles and golden shimmer
to impart a radiance to any skin tone or type. Easy to blend
And a comfortable long lasting wear will make this product a staple
In your makeup collection. Can be used in a variety of ways to blur imperfections,
Correct discoloration and add the glow that everyone goes crazy for.

 Overall, I think the movie is good enough for a matinee price. You may as well go and see it because it is one of the few movies that is semi-original. Enjoy!

 Here is a list of the makeup artists who worked on the film.

Makeup Department (list from

Francesco Alberico ... hair stylist
Jessica Brooks ... makeup artist
Michael Byrne ... prosthetic makeup technician
Steven Byrne ... prosthetics technician
Satinder Chumber ... prosthetics
Jennie Cooper ... crowd hair/makeup artist: dailies
Sally Crouch ... junior assistant makeup artist: crowd
Lizzie Davies ... make up dailies junior
Alison Hanken ... crowd hair & makeup junior: dailies
Ella Noble Jones ... makeup trainee
Uxue Laguardia ... makeup artist
Ailbhe Lemass ... key makeup artist
Chris Lyons ... special effects teeth
Kristyan Mallett ... prosthetics supervisor
Roo Maurice ... crowd hair and makeup artist
Sarah Monzani ... hair designer / makeup designer
Alice Moore ... hair and make up trainee
Fran Needham ... makeup artist
Debbie Ormrod ... daily makeup trainee
Laura Pollock ... crowd hair: dailies
Jacqui Rathore ... crowd hair and makeup artist
Natalie Reid ... hairdresser / make-up artist
Michael White ... hairstylist: Mr. Cruise
Jayne Hyman ... special makeup effects trainee (uncredited)

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