Monday, June 2, 2014

Death Valley days: and the products that got me through it!

Hello Gorgeous,
Continuing the recap version-here's a bit more from my time in Death Valley. Which was by choice to be with my family.
Stunning. Absolutely stunning is the land and geology! Oh, and there is a point in Death Valley that is actually 200 feet below sea level!

Back to the story of my Generation Beauty event being interrupted and  what I used to take care of my semi sunburned skin.

I had the swag bags of goodies from the YouTube Space LA party with me-but it's my tried and true favorite in the Murad Environmental Shield that I had packed to be camera ready.

 There are many products in these bags that I am testing my way through right now...but in the meantime, back to my Murad Environmental Shield testimony.

This is my everyday sunscreen that I put on before my makeup. It's a simple moisturizer that packs quite a punch in taking care of skin.

 Normally I would be using the entire system starting with the cleanser, but for some reason, in transit, my Murad Environmental Shield face wash popped open on the seam! Darn it!

Normally I wash my face and then treat with this magic in a jar stuff called Step #2: treat/repair.

This product has a tingly energizing feel on the skin is super light and makes skin look and feel smooth, flawless. The Murad Environmental Shield smoothes right on top and then my foundation!

Basically, though my skin is protected and I have a large brimmed hat and sunglasses on, I really think it's my skincare that is keeping me looking refreshed and photo ready in the Death Valley heat!
 The full line is available on line and at Ulta. Visit to find the right Murad skincare line for you!

Before I go, just look at this beauty...

This is part way through Titus Canyon, the back way to Scotty's Castle. You have to have 4x4 in high to get here! So glad I did!

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