Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vincent Longo cosmetics via Generation Beauty YouTube Space L.A. party!

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh, here is a fave brand that I haven't experienced in a while but have been re-introduced at the Generation Beauty YouTube Space LA party.

Yeah, I know. It was several weeks ago and I am just now getting to posting about it!

The travel has been crazy amazing! I'm blessed and glad for it, though I have yet to figure out how to blog while on the road! If you have any info, tell me please!

So the Vincent Longo brand has been around since the early 1990's creating makeup face designs for the Glamazon super models Cindy Crawford, Cristy Turlington and Linda Evangelista.

Enter, me. Not quite a super model but willing to try any makeup and already a fan of the Vincent Longo brand.
 This photo above is the Vincent Longo Volume Plus mascara in black. It's a great travel size and thank goodness because it accompanied me on my journey. No smudges, flakes or irritation either!

 Okay, in my opinion, this is the stand out star of the Vincent Longo line. The Liquid Kiss lip and cheek gel stain. It's a rich deep tone that blends well and wears forever! It's perfect alone or with liner and lipstick or gloss!
The eyeshadow is a rich pigmented, super blendable powder shadow called Etherea with a mix of a beige, gold, copper, green and brown. What does that mean? You can do your eyes, eyebrows and eyeliner all in one wee pot of shadow! Awesome!

The Vincent Longo products are available online, and at Sephora! Get some for your summer look!
Included in the Generation Beauty YouTube Space LA swag bag was this wee gift bag from Vincent Longo. How to Be a Bronze Goddess on Your Wedding Day

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