Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Juliette Has A Gun Perfumes: 4 scents for any occasion-niche perfumery

Hello Gorgeous!

I love, love, love fragrance and I have just been introduced to a new series of scents hand crafted by
Juliette Has A Gun.

Now let's explore each of these scents!

I love that there is a scent for the morning, one for lunch, another for happy hour and then one for an evening out. Fragrance is the perfect accessory to any situation. You can find these perfumes in niche perfumeries, upscale boutiques and online at the Juliette Has A Gun website.

 Anyway is the newest creation  from Juliette Has A Gun. This would be my morning fragrance because it is fresh, clean, and simple. On me, it dries down the same as it went on.

From the website: "A simple and original formula. Just fifteen ingredients, going right back to basics, only keeping the best. A blend of musks, woods and citrus notes… come together in a bright, subtle and persistent trail.  Far from an anonymous scent “Anyway” is a signature fragrance, ready to unite with the feminine as much as the masculine."
Main ingredients: Green Lime Essence, Neroli Essence, Jasmine Absolute, Ambroxan 

 Romantina: This scent is my favorite out of all that I sampled. On me, this scent changed notes several times and each one smells unique and delish! It surely is "romantic"-and it's floral. No wonder I like it! This would be my all day, everyday scent.

From the website: "A musky composition on which we would have delicately laid a bouquet of white flowers. Romantina is an ode to insouciance. But when she suddenly reveals its true personality, it flirts with patchouli, almost giving it a hint of chypré..."
Main ingredients : musk, orange blossom, vanilla from Madagascar

Mad Madame: Oh, this is definitely the happy hour/mixer fragrance. It's bold and spicy-it definitely gets noticed. I think this is the kind of scent you would sip Absinthe while wearing velvet at  Rose.Rabbit.Lie in Vegas.

From the website: "A green chypre fragrance revolving around the metallic Rose Oxyde, the Blackcurrant bud Absolute, and the woody-modern Ambroxan. Fusing, explosive, it leaves no doubt about its intentions. Mad Madame has the knack of getting herself talked about. And she likes it."
Main ingredients : rose oxyde, blackcurrant bud absolute, ambroxan.

Lady vengence
Now this fragrance is the scent for date night and honeymoons. It's rice and luxe in scent and finish. It's one of the few perfumes that I have tried that it actually becomes more pungent in aroma as I wear it. Instead of wearing off-it becomes stronger.

From the website: "A perfume with a rich and sophisticated trail. The expression of undeniable feminity, confident and divinely sensual. The fragrance of a Lady for whom the art of seduction bares no secret. He can smell...he can dream...but the decision lies in her hand. The very elegant but thorny Bulgarian Rose marries patchouli and vanilla to draw a fine elegance, both contemporary and inevitable."
Main ingredients : lavender, bulgarian rose, patchouli.

About Romano Ricci and the brand: Juliette Has A Gun


From NYC to Paris, Moscow or Sydney… Juliette intrigues the world.

Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearian heroine goes wild. Life is too short, and pleasures too many, says Juliette.

The Gun, metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of bluff, essentially symbolizes the liberation of women towards men. And sometimes with a taste for revenge… But the concept is also influenced by romantism. A modern version, where reinventing couple and femininity is a constant quest.

Created and designed by young Romano Ricci, Juliette has a gun is an independent brand. Launched in 2006, our philosophy is to approach perfumery as an art and to be present only through a limited distribution such as concept stores, department stores or specialized perfumeries.

A collection of 10 original scents, a Universal Purse Spray in the shape of a bullet and a collection of 3 candles are currently available, and other weapons of seduction are on their way. Luxury, in its spicy and singular version. For women only.

To learn more about Romano Ricci, visit the Juliette Has A Gun website here.
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