Sunday, June 29, 2014

em cosmetics by Michelle Phan: a review of makeup mood enhancer "the golden hour"

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh the joy of binge watching Breaking Bad and a bit of binge blogging also!
While my son is in LEGO camp, I am getting as many blog posts written and ready as possible so that I will be up to date and on track while I travel. I liken it to being the same as my current hobby of binge watching what Walter White and Pinkman are up to!
So today’s post is about Ipsy creator and YouTube sensation Michelle Phan’s new line of cosmetics called em.

I received a sample of the liquid highlighter from the em line at the 2014 Generation Beauty YouTube Space L.A. happy hour meet’n’greet.

The highlighter is called “the golden hour’ and I swear this is one of the most natural, blendable, non sticky, not glittery or shiny, best highlighters ever! I love the consistency and wear on the skin over makeup or under! Woo hoo! Way to go Michelle!

 Here's a lil bit from the website and a link to learn more:

"Inspired by the girl who wants an instant makeup change to match her many moods!

just like a photographer uses a filter on his camera lens, use this illuminator to create a special skin effect. apply alone, under or mix with any foundation to brighten skin. the five shades let you customize the look you’re going for."

 in color golden candlelight

I do like the product. The packaging feels like something from the dollar store, and the price is $23.00
So, over all, I think it's worth getting if you don't mine chintzy feeling containers. Enjoy!
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