Thursday, June 5, 2014

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics: Zeste medium to strong hair gelly

Oh hello Gorgeous!
Quick update to the journey that started with a trip to Los Angeles for the Generation Beauty 2014 mixer at YouTube Space LA. That's where I got the sample of the LUSH handmade cosmetics Zeste hair gelly.

But before I could get to LA Live the following day I had to hustle off to Death Valley CA. Long story.

Here is the Mancub as we are getting ready to leave for San Diego. The photo is a bit blurry because getting him to hold still-let alone, to hold still while wearing and holding a product for me.

Consider this a miracle.

Now back to LUSH!

 I love the history of LUSH and how they have such a strong commitment to recycling and fresh handmade cosmetics!

Here's a link to follow a blog post from LUSH on what to do with your black tubs the products come in!

 Finally, the Zeste gelly-I love the fresh citrusy scent but I think I put a bit too much on Mancubs hair because it got a big greasy looking by the end of the day. Smelled good though!

 I can't find it currently on the website which means it must not be in production right now. I think that happens when sources aren't available. So I have a sample and I do not know how much it costs.

But-if you visit or, the LUSH in your country, I think you can find a hair styling product to fit your needs!
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