Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday: Miss USA, Tony Awards, X Games: all in the same night

Hello Gorgeous,
Wow, talk about an action packed Sunday. Louisiana hosted the Miss USA pageant, and a mighty congratulations to Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez!

Then, it was the Tony Awards and I loved Hugh Jackman as host! While that was going on, the X Gamers were well under way in Austin Texas.

It's so much, almost too much!

So now is the time where I tie in a product review-the final results of the SA Palette eyelash growth serum.

Well, I used it twice a day, everyday for the past 5 1/2 weeks. Here's my results:

Not as dramatic as I would have liked, or like the photo shows in the advertisements. What I did notice is that my lashes seemed thicker, not so much longer? I enjoy using a treatment to benefit the lash.

To get your SA Palete eyelash growth serum visit: for $95.99

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