Saturday, June 28, 2014

Body Drench Black Orchid body lotion for subtle summer scent and binge watching

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh, it’s time for a throwback of sorts. Not a way back sort of throwback but one from earlier  in the month during my time in Death Valley.

I received a sample of Body Drench Black Orchid body lotion at the 2014 2014 Generation Beauty YouTube Space L.A. party sponsored by Ipsy.

My swag bag was so fat that I am still discovering treasures in it! I used just a wee pump of this floral yet spicy scented body lotion in Death Valley, just to test it. Sure, I liked it.

But now that I am bunkered into my command center while binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix I truly have a chance to slather and rub this intoxicating scented lotion into all my dry parts and let it soak in.
It’s affordable, effective and perfect for a summer scent that is easy going without overpowering. Get some!

Now, who else has binge watched or invested time and eyeballs into Breaking Bad? I sure wish  I had someone to chat with about the characters and storylines! Is there  a support group for it?


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