Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Jill Duggar wedding: what will she wear, what makeup, what hair!

Ok Gorgeous,
So I have recently forayed into the area called Netflix. It's true. I'm not much of a tv watcher to begin with, but since I've found Netflix on my tv, I am now binge watching Breaking Bad.

What does that have to do with the 19 Kids and Counting star Jill Duggar? Oh  the s a bunny trail tv watching story. I have been traveling quite a bit lately and while in a hotel room, the tv station the tv was set to when I turned it on had the 19 Kids and Counting show on.

I have read about them on the internet, but once I started watching the show on cable in a hotel room, I fell in love with them! That family has such strong moral values and are such a beacon in a tv stream of sewage. It was so refreshing to see the show. I saw the episode where Derick proposed to Jill. Crying. Literally crying over a tv show late night in a hotel room.

So now with the June 21 wedding just ahead, what will Jill wear?

A modest wedding dress is my guess. After what the Duchess of Cambridge got married in, modest is hottest again. Though, in my opinion, she showed a bit too much cleavage. Just saying.

 I would love to see something like this on the bride! It's modern, gorgeous, modest and a big tulle skirt!

 What about her hair? She has long, gorgeous brown hair. I would like to see it styled half up and this loose sideways braid is perfect for pairing with a tiara and veil. Though, I don't think Jill Duggar is much of a tiara wearer. What about you?

Finally, her makeup. What to do, what to do, makeup. She is a simply makeup wearer to begin with. So, maybe her makeup will look like this! Enjoy the video!  Special congrats to Jill and Derick!

Before you watch the video (it's a classic...just ripe for this #ThrowbackThursday post!)

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