Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Phoenix Comicon- au revoir to this year and cheers to next!

Hello Gorgeous!
Phew! The 2013 Phoenix Comicon has ended and it was a worthwhile whirlwind of fun and some quasi-mayhem!
I really enjoyed it as did my son and I'm so glad to see he caliber of talent that turned out to be a part of the event. Here's a wee recap of the weekend:

I met Nadia Neuroleptic who works with Dr. Diabolical at the Midnight Movies and has a special screening coming up on June 21st at the Phoenix Filmbar.

My most favorite part of the Phoenix Comicon is the costumes. I'm so sad I didn't dress up! Not even my Vulcan ears were on! Here I am in between interviews with some characters from Halo. Game on!

I met the beautiful Ms Sharon Skinner, author of The Nelig Stones and The Healer's Legacy at the PUGS event on Thursday night and she was kind enough to grant an interview to talk about what's next for her books. Stay tuned for that later this week and in the meantime visit her page

As I moved through the convention center floor I encountered this pretty young writer named Laura Knatt who has already completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the first edition printing of her first comic Taiki and now her second CMYK is about to go to production. Stay tuned for an interview with her later this week. See more of her work at her website

Fiddlehead written by Cherie Priest. Oh if only she was there at the table when I came by! I really wanted to talk to her about her writing and the design/artwork of her comics. Til next time Ms. Priest!

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