Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pink Holiday-your must have summer lipstick

Hello Sweet Purty!
I'm out on location, it's so windy! The lipstick on the talent is getting caked with sand grit. Great.
While I get back to it, please enjoy this review of some of the most beautiful pink lipsticks ever made by Pink Holiday.

"Pink Holiday" is a line of lipsticks dedicated to the universal appeal of the color pink. Pink is a shade family that all women have a love affair with. It is a feminine, playful and classically elegant color. The Pink Holiday lipstick line will have a shade for every woman, no matter what age, fashion or style preference she has. From soft pale pinks to neutral pinks to vibrant, high energy pinks.

  • Color Description: Pink with light coral undertone
  • Contains high percentage of sugar Esther, which helps create a film that avoids the loss of water; aids in protection against dryness; contains moisturizing and care benefits; helps to improve the condition of the skin barrier
  • Lipstick formula contains vegetal derived phospholipid, which improves moisture retention; high emollient and softening properties
  • Shades have been carefully formulated to insure that they will be complimentary for all women
  • Lipstick formula contains gellified system, which offers intensive moisture retention, superior comfort level, elevated adherence
  • Beautiful packaging - glamorous designs by the prestigious design firm, Chad Lavigne LLC
    Apply to lips as you wish.
    Made in the USA.

     I love, love, love these pink lipsticks by Pink Holiday! The three colors I have been sampling are:
    from left to right: Bermuda House, Pink Flamingo Club, and Capri Flowers.

    In my experience, these lipsticks are buttery on the mouth and long wearing with a lot of moisture. I'm a big fan of the Pink Flamingo Club and happen to be wearing it today-and yes, it too is full of sand!

    Please visit the Pink Holiday Facebook page and like it up and get some too! Just $22 on ShopNBC.
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