Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sharon Skinner at 2013 Phoenix Comicon with The Nelig Stones & The Healer's Legacy

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I'm at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon (#PhxCC) and the scenery has been amazing, the crowds are full of costumes and the talent lineup is a fast rival to the San Diego Comicon.

Today I had  the pleasure of talking with the author of both The Nelig Stones and The Healer's Legacy, Sharon Skinner.

We first met at the PUGS: Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown event on the opening night of the Phoenix Comicon. Kismet we say!

Sharon Skinner writes young adult fiction and middle grade fiction with fantasy themes full of dragons and enchanted lands with strong heroine characters.

I asked her my favorite question, "if you could have anyone read your work, who would it be?".  She answered, "everyone!".

Sharon continued to share that when she began to write and craft her stories, trusting the process as she let the stories come forward that she wanted the writing to have an impact. Her initial focus was impacting a plugged in generation to escape in reading and let imagination play. Financial gain was the second goal and it has come to a reality for her with the success of both her books and the upcoming second installment of The Healer's Legacy.

When I asked Sharon about how the stories and characters come about for her, she said "it's the nags in my head that keep at me and I follow the sounds until I get the story. I have to trust the process of writing.".

I love that her books include local Arizona locations that you can actually read the book and then go visit the location that the story took place at like in The Nelig Stones which has a scene in the Papago Park area.

The Nelig Stones has a young heroine that has to choose a path to make it home again after being in trouble and part of the journey is finding 5 magic stones to light the way home.
Nelig Cover 400pix 72dpi

The Healer's Legacy is about navigating a patriarchal society.  Both of these books are for young and old, are fun and entertaining to read and can help with kid and parent relationships.

Front-Cover 250

Sounds to me like these two books are perfect summer reading for families!

Sharon Skinner received her masters in creative writing and is classically trained in writing.  She will be visiting the Mesa Public Libraries starting in September as an "Author of the Month". She will also be scheduling school visits.

The Nelig Stones and The Healer's Legacy are available at Brick Cave Books.

Sharon Skinner can be reached on her personal website

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