Sunday, May 26, 2013

butter LONDON 2 Finger Salute & Yummy Mummy polishes for Memorial Day Weekend

 Hello Gorgeous!
Hope this finds you having a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. Mine-is jam packed with the 2013 Phoenix Comicon plus blocking for a new video and a re-write on a script, all while trying to enjoy some downtime with the  fam!

I will definitely be doing my nails this weekend, most likely in butter LONDON Yummy Mummy, which in my humble opinion is the best beige neutral polish out there!

but not in the amazing color 2 Finger Salute, seen below. Butter LONDON is a 3 free Nail lacquer which means they do not contain any DPB, Toulene or formaldehyde. Which means it's good for your nails!

Why won't I be doing my nails with this gorgeous aquamarine with copper fleck nail polish that is toluene and DPA free? Because I forgot it in Cabo San Lucas! Darn it!

You can get butter LONDON 3 free nail polish at Ulta's for about $15.00

Here's a short video for your amusement!

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