Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beauty Addicts gets you Cinco de Mayo party ready

 Hola Bonita!
Today is Cinco de Mayo and there are lots of parties to be attending and enjoying.
I seem to remember that it's  more of a made up holiday like Valentine's day than one that really honors Mexico independance?

I have two products suggestions to help you get gorgeous for the Cinco de Mayo parties:
1) Beauty Addict Mineral SheerTINT, GlimmerSHEERS and SweetLIPS lipgloss
Mineral SheerTINT GlimmerSHEERS - ExpressSwee

The Beauty Addicts Mineral SheerTINT  is super hydrating, oil free, hypollergenic and give a flawless and radiant look. I'm using it and it's perfect for getting makeup in fast in the morning-plus the dry down is quick and leaves a semi-matte finish.

I am loving the GlimmerSHEERS! I have Express and I use it in many places on my face before and after applying makeup. It's a great cream highlighter and the sheer balm makes dewy finish. So, if you had to many margaritas-the next morning, put some Express sheer balm around your eyes and no one will notice!

The Beauty Addicts SweetLIPS is hydrating, has a hint of vanilla and high shine. I'm wearing Grace and it's a superb shade of dark pink. 

Get your Beauty Addicts favorites online here.

Next-get Cinco de Mayo party ready with John Frieda brilliant BRUNETTE colour protecting moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Why use? Because it gives tired color a boost and creates a depth and texture of shine to natural hair. It's win win-plus, easy to get and affordable.

It retails for about $5 and can be easily found at Walmart or Target or drugstores.

For the pocket change-why not change up your hair for the parties!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!
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