Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Avon GLOW Bronzing powder: what you need for a Iron Man 3 look like Pepper Potts

Hey Gorgeous!
Is it me or is the summer blockbuster season starting early? No complaints here, it's just, it seems a bit early. Like it used to start with Memorial Day weekend, and now, well-it's the first week of May.

So Iron Man 3 is in theatres and it's amazing. To say the least. It's awesome.

So how do you get the strong strength and glow of Ms. Pepper Potts?

Her character is going to go through the wringer, emotionally and physically!

She looks gorgeous every step of the way.

Personally, I think it could be the bronzer? Personal opinion though.


 These are all in the $10 range give or take a buck.
The bronzing pearls are my favorite, though Avon Glow P101 light sands is a touch matte, perfect for work, and the Avon Glow P202 warm glow has a touch of shimmer, perfect for evening.

Remember to contact your local Avon lady and help a mom out and build her business by giving her your order. You will be glad you did!

To learn more about the products visit www.avon.com
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