Friday, May 24, 2013

Phoenix Comicon PUGS and TGIF! Get there!

Oh good morning Gorgeous!
It's early. Or is it late? No telling now but what I will tell is that Ihave been to the 2013 Phoenix Comicon and it's better than ever! Ticket details at

I arrived early and began to peruse the already full exhibit floor that is teeming with some of the best costumes I've seen this side of the wardrobe truck on a sci fi movie set.

 The real joy came from sitting in on PUGS: The Geek Smackdown!

A panel of "specialists" were given a question and then given a minute to debate. The best argument wins!

The questions were as follows:
1. Better Superhero team: Justice League vs Avengers
The Avengers won this round

2. More useless henchmen? Stormtroopers vs. The Monarchs
I was surprised by this answer, though The Monarchs won

3. Better van based problem solving team A Team vs. Mystery Machine
This was the one of the best debates with references being made to "jinkies" vs "I pity the fool".

4. More bad ass butler: Jarvis vs Alfred
Who do you think one the vote?

5. Sexier Senior Citizen: Sean Connery vs Patrick Stewart
Patrick won! How is that possible against the original Bond?

6. More efficient prosthetic weapon? Merle from Walking Dead vs Ash of The Evil Dead
Ash won based on ability to saw through bras and panties. So you get a feel for who is in the crowd, right?

7. Spoilers: Shut Up or Gimme the Details
This question featured the only lady of the panels and she argued for not giving spoilers, alas, the gimme the details spoilers won.

8. More fun to play? Dungeons & Dragons vs. Magic the Gathering
This panel featured the 2012 PUGS champion Richard Mansfield who argued for Dungeons & Dragons being more fun to play and the crowd agreed with him for another win.

Just as the event was about to close, there was a special bonus round and it took all in the crowd by surprise. Especially Miss Dorin, who though she was about to watch her boyfriend Richard Mansfield go one more round of PUGS trivia. Not at all.

In a beautiful moment of geek romance, the screen shot quickly changed from the words Bonus Round to a photo of Richard and Dorin and a black cat with the caption "will you marry me?".

Yes-indeed, Richard proposed to Dorin right there on stage in front of the 2013 Phoenix Comicon crowd and luckily for him, the beautiful Miss Dorin said yes. Then Richard got down on one knee and gave her a ring.

Say it with me, awww. It was sweet and a fantastic way to wrap up the first night of the 2013 Phoenix Comicon.

I'm going back for more today and have interviews and photo ops lined up. Wish me luck! I'll be on my twitter so tweet any questions you may have to @Cherelynn.

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