Saturday, May 25, 2013

MONSTROS artist Scott Godlewski at 2013 Phoenix Comicon

Hey Purties!
I've been enjoying the 2013 Phoenix Comicon and there is so much to see! If you haven't made it out yet it's a great family event, so get your day passes here!

Today I interviewed  MONSTROS Dinosaur-Man of Neptune! designer, writer, creater Scott Godlewski.

Photo courtesy of Phycus Malloy

Scott had some great answers for my few yet choice interview questions: real burners like:

1) If you could have anyone read your work who would it be? To which Scott answered-
"Spielberg, definitely Steven Spielberg because he has influenced me with his movies such as Goonies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Gremlins".

I asked Scott about why MONSTROS? He said because it's fun to draw, and that the influence comes from his Dad watching '50's B grade horror movies.

I was curious if there is any Scotty in the character of MONSTROS and he says absolutely not-that he is the kid that is a sidekick to the character.

2) So Scotty, what's next for MONSTROS? He says to see it published as a printed comic book.
Photo courtesy of Phycus Malloy

Naturally this conversation leads me to ask him if he has a Kickstarter campaign started and he said no, that he's been drawing this character for the past four years and that the right opportunity to align with a publisher will come along. He is self taught and his talent shines through.

Well, I can agree to that!

Personally, I loved the drawing, the character and look forward to seeing MONSTROS in print, on Cartoon Network and in a theatre near me, real soon.

To purchase your prints and copies of MONSTROS (just $15), please visit Scott Godlewski at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon here: and remember to request a personal sketch for your next invitation, event or family photo card.
  Booth #551

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