Sunday, September 7, 2014

500 Eye-Makeup Designs by Kendra Stanton - great Sunday reading

Hello Gorgeous!

I love reading and this beauty book by Kendra Stanton is gorgeous to look at and a great resource for ideas to create some new eye makeup looks! I just wish there was a product list or short description of steps involved with each photo.

 Inside this book are clear, up close and detailed photos of the eye makeup artwork that Kendra Stanton created!

 The 500 Eye-Makeup Designs book is available on Amazon and at Walmart in the $20 range.

The book is categorized into sections such as holiday, special occasions, creative, celebrity and more.

 I love these funky glow in the dark looks! It shows a glamorous take on how to use glow in the dark pigments without being clownish.

It's a beautiful coffee table type book or one to have on hand for inspiration.
Kendra Stanton is a makeup artist, beauty blogger and mom.

Read her blog here:

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