Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Selfie much?

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
I am not a big selfie taker, but when I do, it's usually before I swim with sharks or zip line across a rain forest.

I was sent a sample of this from Glam Screen. It's a mirror for the face of my phone and an attachment for the back to help stabilize the phone for picture taking.

 This is everything that arrived, though it is for an iPhone 5. Hmm. I don't have an iPhone.

 So it doesn't fit and has since been recycled. For the person who get's it in their Christmas stocking, Merry Christmas.

 The idea that Glam Screen has is a good one, why waste the surface of your phone when you could be checking your lipstick and teeth situation. It's $24.99 and would be great for you if you use the iPhone.

 Now, here is a unique feature-it's part narcissist, part function and all cheese. The hands free selfie ring rests on your middle and ring finger to help balance the phone while you take a picture of yourself. Note, that it can double as a phone stand.
The Hands Free Selfie Ring is good for teenagers, independent photo journalist who travel the outback and possibly putting in a naughty someone's Christmas stocking instead of a lump of coal.

It sells for $19.99 and you can purchase it online here.
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