Monday, September 1, 2014

Old Spaghetti Factory Gaslamp District San Diego hates kids and their birthday parties

 Hello Gorgeous,
Quick note to share about my family's recent experience in Downtown San Diego at the Gaslamp District Old Spaghetti Factory.

For some time now, we have gone to different #OSF locations as we travel and have always had so much fun while making such good memories and eating good food!

Because of the good times we enjoy going back to the Old Spaghetti Factory for more fun.

That is until our recent dinner there on Thursday August 28th 2014.

 See this? It's an empty restaurant. No worries. We still want to stay, make merry and eat so my son can use his Old Spaghetti Factory Kids Club dinner certificate and have a favorite meal at his favorite spot.

There was no wait. The hostess at the front was pleasant enough. It was the waitress/bartender for this area we dined in who was awful and ruined the birthday party.

She would not tell me her name. That should have been clue number one.

I ordered drinks from her at the bar and asked for menus and told her we were celebrating a birthday.

 So here's the problem. Un-named and Unknown waitress bartender gal tells me that they do not have any kids menus upstairs.

I asked her if she could get one. She said no.
I asked her if she could call downstairs for a kids menu. She said no.
I asked her if she knew the phone number for downstairs so I could call and ask for a kids menu. And she said no!

Un-named Unknown waitress bartender gal says, "why don't you use your phone and Google to find it, I just work here, I don't know the number here".


So I did.

I did use Google to find the phone number to the San Diego Gaslamp District Old Spaghetti Factory and called downstairs to ask for a manager to bring me a kids menu. A manager was not available. The hostess on the phone said she would be happy to send a kids menu up.

At the moment I was talking I saw Un-named Unknown waitress bartender gal sprinting down the stairs with her highlighted blonde ponytail flying behind her. She returned a few moments later with a kids menu and 2 crayons that she threw on the table at my son.

I'm so mad at this point!

We ordered our food. My son used his birthday club certificate but the damage has been done. He has witnessed the ugliness of humanity and their disdain for children and family.

From here going forward, no more eating at the OSF chain. No more recommending it to visiting friends and family as a great place to eat and make memories. No more catering events with OSF food either.

Moms, if you need a place to take family to have a great meal and quality time together-do it anywhere but at the Old Spaghetti Factory chain of restaurants. You will save yourself the trouble of employees who care nothing about the customer.

I have written a letter to the OSF. I have written this blog and shared it through every possible social media channel in hopes of sparing another child a ruined birthday at the Old Spaghetti Factory.