Friday, September 19, 2014

I Heart Radio Music Festival Village-you need some of this right here...Swipe

Ok Gorgeous,
You are only just so gorgeous if you aren't stinky too.
Before you put another layer of fragrance, or in the words of Carrie Underwood when speaking to men, before you "dab on $3 worth of bathroom Polo". Try Swipes.

Swipes are single use deodorant biodegradable towelettes. Super slim too. Just right for a clutch purse or wallet. Besides, Starlord says Swipe it!

 As you know, all things LEGO go on in this house. We have some new LEGO sets from Guardians of the Galaxy-sure wish that would come out on DVD quick!

Ok, back to your adventures and being #ontheroadtoVegas...via Swipe per I Heart Radio Festival. You may not need the Swipe so bad if you are indoors at the MGM, but for all of those of you who are outside in the parking lot in the Las Vegas 100 degree heat, please have some on hand!

A Swipe® is a single-use, disposable deodorant wipe. Made with a tea tree extract, it provides long-lasting protection against odor and perspiration. It offers you the convenience to travel without the bulkiness of a stick of deodorant. Each wipe is pre-moistened and individually wrapped. Perfect for post-workout, traveling, and daily-use.
You can feel good about our product. Swipe® is manufactured right here in the United States. It is also safe for your health and the environment! Being a single-use product, Swipe® is extremely hygienic as it should not be shared or used more than once. It is also made from a 100% biodegradable cloth.

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