Sunday, September 21, 2014

Madame Secretary, welcome to CBS and The Good Wife with an unction to Come Clean Pop Culture Soap

Hello Gorgeous,
Cheers to your Sunday being part adventure and part rest!

Now, finally-the new Fall season of tv is starting tonight. I have some favorite shows that I like watching and want to see what happens after last season's cliff hanger! Can you say, The Good Wife!

But-in a programming strategy by CBS, they have hammocked the new Tea Leoni  drama "Madame Secretary" between the always popular 60 Minutes and faithful watchers of The Good Wife like me.

So, yes, I will be watching Madame Secretary just becasue it comes before my favorite show and the tv most likely will be on after 60 Minutes. Personally, it's nice to have a break because my family loves watching The Amazing Race and it's usually on after 60 Minutes and leads straight into The Good Wife.
Will is dead. What is going to happen to Lockhart Gardner?

 Okay, onto product: meet Come Clean soap. So my son has a chance to get a good bath before his Monday school day-why? Because The Amazing Race is not on. So instead of rushing a shower on a commercial, he is in there soaking to this soap.

Meet, Come Clean Pop Culture Soaps-hand made for you, and your favorite pet, like a dog, a racoon, or Groot!

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 This soap is so beautiful to look at, please look! Get yours here:
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