Monday, September 22, 2014

#DWTS! Dancing with the Stars tonight-Voting #TeamQuackAttack Go Sadie!

Well Gorgeous,
It's official, I put watching Dancing with the Stars on my Monday schedule.
I'm so excited for Sadie Robertson and will be watching shortly to vote for her!

Now time to talk self tanner. The cast gets an airbrush tan for the show performances, and now we at home can get a similar looking tan with these Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection by Novell products.

 Remember to vote tonight for Sadie Robertson #TeamQuackAttack!

 Now let's meet the Norvell Sunless Solutions and the Dancing with the Stars self tanning products.

There are four products in the Dancing with the Stars Norvell Sunless line.

 The first and my favorite is the Dazzle-it's literally spray glitter, though tis a super fine mist and looks glisteny, not disco'y.
 It has a convenient trigger spray so you don't bust a knuckle trying to use a pump spray. It's easy to use, first shake it up really well, then spray the super fine mist on skin, tans, or hair. It has a fragrance fresh scent.

 Next is the Dancing with the Stars Perfection self tanning mousse. It's a lightweight, velvety mousse that glides on with a good amount of color to mark where you have already applied it. It has a CoCoNilla scent.

 Next this is the Dancing with the Stars Performance self tanning airbrush spray. This is the perfect thing to have on hand for "sculpting' or drawing on some abs! It's a micro fine mist. Just shake it really well and hold it about 8 inches away from the skin so it doesn't puddle up like on my leg in the second streak you see.

Finally, this is the Dancing with the Stars Endurance color boosting skin perfector which is a multi-purporse body balm that partners immediate skin illumination with a gradual build to the color you want.

 So see the three stripes of color on my left with the mousse closest to my ankle, the spray in the middle and the balm on the top!
Remember to vote for Sadie Robertson tonight, even if you don't watch, just vote here!

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