Saturday, September 13, 2014

Batiste for Fall travel and busy back to school schedules

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
I sure hope you are enjoying a restful and fun Saturday!

I'm busy getting ready for an enormous week ahead of me by resting in my command center!

That's why today I want to share with you about Batiste and the new Floral scent for the dry shampoo they make.

The new Floral scent was introduced at #NYFW this year. I'm a huge fan of the cherry scent!

Why use a dry shampoo? Because sometimes after a work out you don't have enough time to wash,dry and re-style your hair but you want it to be fresh looking.

Or after a long day at work and now you have to go out in the evening and you need to add some texture to your hair so you can put it up quickly and have the style stay better.

 Finally, why you use a dry shampoo like Batiste is because you have a fabulous blow out that cost you $40 and you want it to last more than 2 days!

 See, it's easy. Shake the can of Batiste really good, part your hair, and then spray along the scalp while keeping the can of Batiste about 6 inches away from your head. Once you have the scalp lightly dusted in Batiste, let it set a moment, then massage in to the scalp and hair, and finish with a good brushing.

Wah lah. Easy peasy. Fresh, cleanish hair. Get your Batiste here.

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