Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Duggars, weddings and DiY bridal beauty!

Hello Gorgeous!

I recently started binge watching the TLC "19 Kids and Counting " on Netflix. Love it. Love the tatertot pie recipe, the prayer, the modesty and the humor. This family is always laughing and joyful! It's so fun to watch.

Now, all the news is full of the November 1st wedding of Jessa Duggar to Ben Seewald and older sister Jill about to have her first baby!

I love and agree with their plans to save the first kiss for the wedding. Have you seen the ring yet?

Here is her beautiful ring! Jessa Duggar has been trained all of these years in her family to be a good wife, a good steward and a good worker. I'm so excited to see the success of this young couple!

 Photo courtesy of People.com

I think that Momma Michelle Duggar will be proud of her daughter and the union she is making. It must be a sad day to see her daughter leave the nest. In one of the TLC 19 Kids and Counting episodes when talking about older brother John marrying and moving out to start his own family, she said that the success of a young marriage is to "leave and cleave". Meaning to leave the family nest and cleave to the spouse. Sounds like wisdom to me!

We can be sure that Jessa Duggar's wedding will be a family affair and affordable just like sister Jill's.

One way you can save money on a wedding is to do your own hair and makeup. Sure, I love having bridal makeup clients, though I think that for those who want to save money or spend that budget on cake or a honeymoon-doing your own wedding day bridal hair and makeup is a good idea!

I have a DIY Bridal Makeup book that can help a bride learn her look and do it herself!

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