Friday, September 12, 2014

Effortless Extensions: Slip it on!

TGIF Gorgeous!

Effortless Extensions-oy. It is so thick, soft and supple! Like luxury!

 Now let's see the full story.

I was given a sample in the color of my choice, which is CoCo Swirl, Flare, for 16 inches of added length to my hair.

 This sample looked much darker on the website. So it is more of a highlight to my hair than a matching shade.
 The case is perfect for storing the Effortless Extension. The pink is the inside and the outside is the black snap front that you see in the first picture.

 The Effortless Extension CoCo Swirl Flare 16 inches of hair is so thick and supple. It's very soft and has a night weighty feel to it. It's not heavy on the head, it's the hair has good volume.

 Holy smokes. I really messed up on the color matching to my own hair. You can see the clear line on the crown of my head, it's where the Effortless Extension holds on. There is no need to use clips or pins.

 Wah. Over the summer, I cut off about ten inches of hair. Sure, I like my ScarJo angled bob for the summer, but seeing the length from the Effortless Extensions makes me miss my long hair!

 See how smooth and full the Effortless Extension is? I couldn't get my fine textured hair to really hide the clear band that holds onto the head. So I pulled some hair over it.

 If the hair color matched, you can't tell the Effortless Extension is on.

Final thoughts: I love the look and feel of the Effortless Extension, I just wish I would have picked the right color.

Fall is a perfect time, especially going in to the busy holiday party season to have a hair extension at your fingertips to put a quick and fancy do on!

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