Thursday, September 18, 2014

WIN a LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey 10" Circle Extension as seen on QVC Sept 19th! Tune in!

Hi Gorgeous!
To get you revved up and ready for the holiday season-enter now to win this LUXHAIR HOW by Tabatha Coffey. You pick the color that best suits your hair.

You may be asking, "why am I talking about holiday season now?" - according to my Costco, it's already Christmas time. My son has Fall break in two weeks. Personally, I like to be prepared, and having this must have beauty item in your arsenal will be a lifesaver on the days where you work all day, get the kids and suddenly have to make an evening party.

Trust me. You want one of these!


Tabatha Coffey will be appearing on QVC tomorrow, September 19th to showcase her newest launch from the LUXHAIR HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey collection - a line of professional, high-end, yet affordable, everyday wigs and hairpieces.

Here is a little bit about Tabatha Coffey and her new QVC product!


 Announcing the NEW 10" Circle Extension from LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey, a QVC exclusive. You may have heard of flip in or halo extensions, which are similar, but this is really something special. 

The Circle Extension gives you an instant hair transformation without clips or any other form of adhesive. A two layer weft of hair is attached to a thin invisible band, which slips around your head to add lush length and natural looking volume in seconds. 

The hair is revolutionary Keralon ™ Light heat resistant synthetic fiber, which allows you to style with heat tools up to 320° Fahrenheit. Lightweight, easy to apply and clip-free, the Circle Extension is a whole new kind of hair extension. The 10" Circle Extension from LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey retails for $79, available at

  1. Slip the halo over your head, with the extension at the back of your head.
  2. Position band around the top of your head like a hair band. Use a fine-tailed comb to pull the top strands of your hair over the band to blend in.
  3. Style using a curling iron or flat iron if desired, and you're ready to go!
• Keralon™ Light Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Fiber - A revolutionary, lightweight hair fiber that feels luxuriously silky and soft, and can be styled with heat tools up to 320° Fahrenheit. It was developed for the HOW™ collection to the exact denier, thickness and weight as natural human hair.
• Double Layer Weft - Two connected wefts of hair provide more coverage, fullness and volume than the single weft found on most hair extensions.
• Invisible Band - Lighter shade band on the light hair colors and darker shade band on the dark hair colors to better blend in with your hair.

Available Color Shades for 10" Circle Extension:

Now here is how to enter and win your own LUXHAIR™ HOW™ by Tabatha Coffey 10" Circle Extension 

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