Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday blogs: my new trail running sneaker review

 Hello Gorgeous!
I love Mondays! I get SO much done on a Monday. Okay, I start each day with a run, sometimes it's just a lil 3 miler and sometimes it's 5 or more. This means, that I go through a pair of sneakers every 3 months.

 I am done with buying high priced, fancy, designer running sneakers. Mainly due. to the high cost of constantly replacing my sneakers once the tread has been run off.

Now, meet these cheapies I got at Big 5 for $37.00
Yep. $37.00

See how thick the tread is now? It's day one of these trail running sneakers going out for a run.

These are the New Balance brand sneaker. I've not had these before and I only picked them because of the price.
 I also got a pair of my favorite Thorlo brand running sneakers but this is not the style I like, these are a mini crew and I usually get the footie style sock.

 I ran 3 miles in these. Hmm. They are ok. Not great. On my foot, the heel area underneath my ankle bone is too low. So I don't feel like I have enough support? While I was running I could really feel the ground beneath me. So maybe not enough cushion as I am used to? They were $37, not enough to actually complain.
Overall, these will do for the month, but I'm missing my Newtons. ;(

How about you? Are you a runner? How much do you run? Street or trail?
If you want cheap sneakers like mine,  visit Big 5.
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