Thursday, September 18, 2014

Christmas Ride movie: just what the family needs for some fun this weekend!

 Hey Southern California friends!
I have a great family film for you to go out and see this weekend! I'm not in LA till The Summons. So please, go and see for me!

CHRISTMAS RIDE,  a moving film, produced by Art Promotions in cooperation with Yarbrough Media Productions, is having its first theatrical run in California at the Music Hall, one of the Laemmle theaters.     See Cast and more by clicking the gray Page Tabs near the top of the page.  A one minute film TRAILER  is @   

Quote from Attendee at MALCO Premiere Memphis screening:    
"What a phenomenal story and a masterpiece of a movie!"
What's Christmas Ride about?  After hearing a frightening supernatural warning, Keri, a young mother, takes an urgent road trip south during the Christmas holidays with her two kids and a mysterious neighbor haunted by ghosts from his past. Road anxiety and a veteran's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder collide. Keri faces dangerous situations and ultimately learns a heartbreaking truth which tests the limits of forgiveness. 

Though the movie is new, the film is set in 1991.     Warning! Audience Reactions include smiles, laughs and tears.  

“This Film Is Not Yet Rated” by MPAA.(Guesstimate PG or PG13) /  
TV Rating Guide indicates: TV-PG(V)

The script by Karen Francis earned a semi-finalist award from 
Charleston International Film Festival, 2013.

Score includes music by award-winning composer, singer songwriters Danny Jones
and other talented singer songwriters


The link below tells more about the film and ticketing information.

To purchase tickets in advance online with a credit card, there is a one dollar service charge.

In order to buy tickets in advance, use the dropdown menu on the Laemmle website linked above and find the date you plan to attend.

Screening Times: 

1:20  4:10 

7:00  9:45 PM   daily

Sept 19 - 25, 2014

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