Friday, September 5, 2014

ForStyler Twister Hair Curler review with 25% discount code for you

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As you get ready to enjoy your Shabbat, here's a new product that I have recently tried and may be a good fit for those who are looking for a new way to curl and style hair for the back to school days.

 Meet the Twister by ForStyler.

 It is a 5 step system to drying your hair into a spiral curl.

First step, is have freshly washed hair that is dried at the scalp, and damp on the ends.

I've got that part done.

Second step is to section the hair. Hmm, I don't have a lot of time in the morning when getting ready, so I skipped this step. I made small sections with my fingers and put that in the ProStyler Twister.

Step 3 is to attach the blow dryer to the Twister. I have a John Frieda Ion dryer and it did not fit the Twister. So I had to hold the Twister attachment on with my hand.

I have moved onto a second section of hair to make a Twister curl. I have the end cap on the Twister but I have also seen photos of the cap off so very long hair can flow through.

I have moved to the other side of my head to create Twister curls with the ProStyler.
Step 4: Assemble  the cover and barrel to the Twister, change the valve direction according to the curls. combine the two hair parts and style to lock the ends.

Step 5: Wait 5-7 minutes and go through with fingertips from the  roots to the ends and apply any styling product for longer lasting results.

Final thoughts:
This is a neat idea and a great novelty item for someone who likes create unique styles with their hair.
I never got a Twister curl that looked like the photos on the box. I'm not sure if it's because my dryer doesn't fit the attachment correctly or that I have no patience to stand there for 12 minutes drying curls into my hair.

I did apply a sea salt texturizing spray to help bind the hair and it didn't seem to help.

For the people with very long hair and with substantial patience, I think this could create a fun look.

To learn more and get your own ProStyler Twister please visit:
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*A sample was provided for testing

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