Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comic-Con welcomes the San Diego International Children's Film Festival: and AcneFree keeps the kid skin blemish free

 Oh Gorgeous!
Hello from the final day of the San Diego Comic Con and yet it is the most important day. Truly, they have saved the best for last!

Today is the Children's Film Festival! Oh if only the Mancub was with me! He is the best judge of talent and keen eye and critic of films. Just ask him for his opinion of Superman.

Alas, he s not with me though the toll of the humidity, convention center air, stress and environment has almost taken a toll on my skin.

I said, almost.

Thank you AcneFree  clear skin treatents for sending me a sample of your amazing Gentle Cleansing Bar with the best microbeads since Dermologica Exfoliant and 2-in1 Acne Wipes.

Now-curiously enough, I do not have acne skin, but with the travel, time change, humid air, free readicals, pollutants, and you name it-my skin has come this close...(put thumb and index fingers very,very close together) to giving birth to a full blown pimple!

Find at mass retailers everywhere for under $10. Now that's worth stopping a pimple before it breaks!

Now, onto the good stuff about today's Children's Film Festival!

Comic-Con International welcomes the San Diego International Children's Film Festival back Sunday for its seventh big year. This year 's day-long program of some of the finest short films for children of all ages also officially launches the big 10th annual edition of the festival.
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The next festival date is Aug. 4 at the Carlsbad City Library on Dove Lane, followed by other dates at venues throughout the county to be announced soon, continuing through the end of the year! For updates and to sign up for the e-mail list, please visit

 The San Diego International Children's Film Festival this year presents many new shorts, as well as favorites celebrating the past decade of the festival. The festival features creative, exciting, and imaginative short films from around the world—animation, live action, and documentary -- good for all ages, all day in Room 9.

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Enjoy films from the United States, Canada, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Spain, and beyond. Throughout the day, animators and filmmakers will talk about their work, how kids can make their own films, and careers in animation and filmmaking.

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