Sunday, July 14, 2013

National Nude Day? Really? Keep your clothes on and wear natural tone makeup with Merle Norman

Hi ya Gorgeous!
National Nude Day-enough said!
 Geez. I say, keep your clothes on and wear some natural toned makeup.

Here is a quick look you can get using Merle Norman cosmetics:

Eye ShadowPurely Mineral CheeksCreamy Lipcolor
The key words for pulling together this look are “neutrals” and “naturals” – on this day dedicated to effortless beauty, substitute bold red lips and smoky eyes with these naturally chic products from Merle Norman
Eye Shadow: Merle Norman’s soft as suede pressed powder provides stay-true color to brighten and add depth to your eyes! It’s crease-resistant and smudge-resistant color glides on smoothly and evenly for stay-there wear. Shades like Sun Beam, Almond, Bare Necessity and Cocoa Cashmere will help your eyes shine on National Nude Day, no matter what your skin tone! ($12, Merle Norman Studios nationwide)
Purely Mineral Cheeks: Merle Norman’s pressed-powder blush contains skin-friendly mineral ingredients that deliver a naturally radiant glow. Sheer colors like Berry Happy and Rosy Outlook blend easily for a healthy-looking finish. This powder is fragrance-free, oil-free and ideal for all skin types. ($18, Merle Norman Studios nationwide)
Creamy Lipcolor: Supremely cushiony, this moisturizing formula imparts luxurious color in one creamy stroke! Shades like Smoked Mauve, Gold Plated Bronze and Caramel Kiss will pull together the perfect Nude Day look and make your lips look and feel super-kissable any day of the week! ($15, Merle Norman Studios nationwide)

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