Saturday, July 6, 2013

Myo essential refreshing anti-puff eye gel: for Legoland Independence Day party prep and Star Wars

 Hey ya Gorgeous!
Hope your Shabbat was awesome last night and that this morning you continue to be restful!

This week of work, celebrations, visiting with family and making memories has been so awesome. Sometimes I am just overwhelmed at just how good God is and all the blessings I receive!

Now this is an Imperial Walker about to crush the Myo essential travel samples! Oh no!

Ewoks intervened and saved them so I could continue to use the Myo essential Rereshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel with co-enzyme Q10 and peptides. In my opinion it really is the star of the set and I applied it on clean skin, over my makeup, and part way through a long and adventure filled day at Legoland.

My son and I encountered Lego Darth ("Someone get Darth a donut!") and discussed plans for Star Wars VII and what his role would be. Ha!

Ok, here is a short video introducing you to the Myo essentials products and then a link for you to get some too.

To order your Myo essentials visit this link here!

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