Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ICAST 2013: Aveeno Men's skin care trio for fishing with your best face forward

Aloha from the 2013 ICAST convention in Las Vegas!

It's all good times and fishing here and I'm with Big Catch Tees to promote the Bragging Rights tshirt.

It's not just a tshirt, it's a trophy!  If you are not at the show, get one online at   be sure and tell Vince I sent ya!

 Now for all of those who love to play and live in the sand and surf with plenty of sun, sometimes too much sun-you have got to have a great sunscreen.

I would say that here at ICAST 2013, the majority of the crowd is male, with a wee bitty percentage of us females rounding out the attendees.

This trio of Aveeno skincare for men is a great way to keep you skin in a smooth shave, hydrated and protected from the sun. It's simple anti-aging and sun safety skincare that is affordable and easily accessible at most mass retailers like Target and Walmart.

 The Aveeno Men's skincare 3 step skin protection system consists of a shave gel, face wash and moisturizer with spf, each item is under $10! Perfect for fishing trip or business meetings and keeping your best face forward.

Now, here is a photo of what I call "kelpocalypse". In this sort of situation, there is not much swimming, surfing, or fishing going on!

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