Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunburned! Bad! Joey New York Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist helps!

Hello and happy Saturday!
Oh is it ever hot here! So hot, that even though I preach sunscreen every day-I got a sunburn! BAD!

 I was recently on a short film set and even though I applied sunscreen, I did not follow the cardinal rule of re-applying!

Ooh it hurts something awful! I am applying aloe vera, drinking lots of water and thankfully, I have a fresh can of Joey New York "Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist" that I keep in the refrigerator and as needed I grab it and hose down the back of my neck, top of shoulders, behind the ears and top part of my back. 

I had a wide strap tank top on and got burnt mostly on my back and shoulders. Though somehow the burn seems to have reached behind my ears!

Remember, sunscreen is necessary every day and reapplying is the secret to not getting  burned!
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