Tuesday, July 23, 2013

e-CURE Treatment review with Makeup University

 Hey ya Gorgeous!
I recently tested a new product from Japan called e-CURE Treatment. It's a shampoo and conditioner treatment for damaged hair or hair that has been chemically processed. Though if you have normal hair and just want a great product to help maintain strength and provide shine, e-CURE Treatment is good for that too!

To learn more visit  http://ecure-treatment.com/

Now I have a short video review of my experience with the product, though please also watch the one below made by e-CURE  also. It demonstrates really well how to use the product and the benefits. Enjoy!

The e-CURE TREATMENT is a new revolutionary, chemical-free conditioning treatment derived from deep sea and wild plant minerals. these minerals are rich in antioxidants, repairing hair that has been damaged from chemical treatments or heat styling. 

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9 Awkward Street Style Poses To Avoid

Just because the outfits are fabulous doesn't mean the poses are. Stay away from these regrettable looks during your next photo op

9 Awkward Street Style Poses To Avoid

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Everyone has their go to pose when it comes to taking pictures. Usually it involves turning your body to the side, a hand on the hip, and pointing that chin down. Unfortunately, there are always a few poses you see tagged on Facebook that you wish you hadn't tried. But don't worry; even the most chic and model-esque people screw it up. Need proof? Flip through your favorite blogs and street style photos. We rounded up the most awkward street style poses so you can learn from their mistakes. Click ahead to see which poses to avoid.

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