Thursday, July 18, 2013

Defiance: Episode 5, San Diego Comic Con & got2b 2 sexy hair-it happens

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
Thank goodness I packed the got2b 2 sexy volumizing spray mousse and hairspray. Why? Because it's so cool and humid here in San Diego that my hair is a full nest of fuzzy waves and curls. In fact, I look a bit like this guy!


 The parent company, Schwarzkopf is known for a century of making quality hair products, and the got 2b lines are the same! With "BTS"-back to school weeks away for Arizona and Nevada-these are some good products to have on hand for some full locks!
got2b 2 sexy

voluptuous volume SPRAY MOUSSE

Give your locks a blast of sexy and pump up the volume instantly! Push it up to the next level of irresistibly sexy with göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume SPRAY MOUSSE. This sprayable styling mousse allows precise application to pump up your hair straight from the roots for that showstopping big volume boost. Go ahead, be naughty about sexy style!

Shake can well, hold it upright and spray into damp roots or on hands
in short bursts. Work through hair starting at the roots then style as desired. For x-tra voluptuous styles blow dry hair upside down while using a round brush.

To learn more about got2b and products visit this link- the brand can be purchased at Walmarts, Targets and drugstores everywhere!

voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY

Wish your hair looked like the sex kitten that you really are? Fake it with göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY. Create seductress styles with full, sexy hold or just freeze your glamorous ‘do into place. Ooh lala!
How 2b sexy: Hold 8-10 inches from hair. Spray evenly over hair for an all over hold or spot spray and use hands to create x-tra volume.

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