Monday, July 29, 2013

National Lipstick Day: which lipstick brand/color are you celebrating with?

Hey Ya Gorgeous!
Happy National Lipstick Day! In honor of today I have a short list of favorite colors and brands that I am using right now. I am a die hard lip gloss wearer, though these lipsticks have found their way into my near daily looks.

1. Laura Mercier Angelic

This sweet light pink has a mod feel to me and I wear it nearly daily with a gloss over the top!

2. NYX Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar

I know, another pink lipstick, though this one is matte yet feels buttery on the mouth plus it's super affordable!

3. Pink Holiday Capri Flowers

Pink Holiday Luxury Satin Lipstick - Capri Flowers

Yep, that's another pink lipstick though this one is a very cool pink, soft and wears well. I dig it for beach time!

4.  Mary Kay Natural Beaute

This is a natural rose tone lipstick and I would use it more if it weren't for the awful case it comes in. I do really like the color-but admit to having a difficulty with the awkward tube.

5. Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD 305

The one red lipstick in the batch! This Shiseido lipstick is an award winner and it's easy to see why. This red lasts, doesn't bleed, is smooth on the lips, and does not bead up or feather. Love it for pairing with winged liner, lashes and matte face powder and nights out!

What are your favorite lipstick brands and colors?
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