Friday, July 12, 2013

FAKE BAKE travel size self tanner: for ICAST and beyond!

Hello Gorgeous!
There is much to do today together!

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Finally, consider using a self tanner for your summer color and please, pack some on your road trip and next vacation so you don't have to get the "base tan" or "first burn before it turns to tan" going on.

FAKE BAKE makes it easy to pack your self tanner with you! The FAKE BAKE travel size self tanner kit comes with gloves, a buffing mitt and the sealed bottle (no leaks!) with a spray top.

I like to add the Passion Fruit body polish to the mix so I get a good exfoliation on my skin before I apply the self tanner. Smooth and easy, streak free. What's not to love!

Get your FAKE BAKE self tanner at Ulta, Sephora or online at ! Just $16.00!

P.S. I have a super bad tan line on my feet from all the outdoor running I do-so I use FAKE BAKE self tanner to even out the color when I go to the beach!

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