Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler at ACM-look at those legs!

TotalBeauty.com What Your Manicurist Won't Tell You

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What Your Manicurist Won't Tell You

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What's supposed to be a luxurious treat, could turn into your worst nightmare -- think skin eating diseases and infections. Which is why we went straight to the pros including nail technicians and a podiatrist to uncover the secrets nail salons don't want you to know.

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Hello Gorgeous!

Did you catch the American Country Music awards on Sunday

night? They were interesting that's for sure-alot of variety

and I liked that part since it wasn't boring and dull like the Oscars this year.

So, take a peek at Carrie Underwood's legs. Great shape true, but notice the high shine! I suspect she has used a fine mist moisturizer like the FAKE BAKE product I am holding on the left side of this photo. Or, maybe a light shimmer sheen has been air brushed on before the show?

Well, whatever product you choose it's hot here in Arizona and spring/summer is here along with wearing shorts.

So you may want to start moisturizing your dry, itchy, ashy, somewhat scaly skin with something and I recommend trying this everywhere oil by

Desert Essence. The bottle you see in the photo is 100% jojoba oil.

The jojoba oil can be applied anywhere at anytime and readily absorbs into the skin and lasts.

Put it on your cuticles, pedicures, elbows, knees, all over your legs before taking the stage at a music award show, on your itchy scalp, just name it and put it on there!

I put it on the back of my Kindergartner's upper arm where he has stubborn kid foliculitis dermatitis. Which is otherwise known as bumpy skin. It's real common in kids and they usually grow out of it but in the meantime, I'm keeping that skin soft and supple so it doesn't itch so much!

You can even put a few drops of this into your bath water just remember to wipe the tub out afterwards so you don't slip!

Enjoy some Desert Essence jojoba today! Get it at Sprouts if you live near me because it's on sale this week! Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!