Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soulgasm: the scent of Coachella Music Festival 5 New Uses for Botox

Botox is now a common enough anti-wrinkle procedure that it's practically a household name, but you've never seen it being used like this …

5 New Uses for Botox

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So, if it's not just for wrinkles, what else is Botox being used for? Well, as the "New York Times" says, it's a crossed eye medication that can be "serially reincarnated for other applications."

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Hello sweet friends! I am a fragrance junkie! This perfume I just tried is quite the blend and it dries down in surprising notes! Just when everyone around you at the Coachella music festival is wearing another 'same old' scent, you could be standing there groovin to the tunes and feeling the beat in this multi-layered luxe parfum! Soulgasm!

It's so much more than I expected! *Soulgasm is true perfume not an EDP, Soulgasm contains 33% fragrance oils to diluent ration giving its wearer a Subtly Brash, playfully lusty statement that won’t change you, just everyone around you. NOTES:Top notes: succulent Peach, Anjou pear, fragrant South African Freesia and warm, exotic Black Currant are instantly intoxicating Heart notes: Salacious notes of wild, night blooming Jasmine, delicate Eurasian Lily and multi-faceted Woodberry blossom forth Base notes: Flushed, lusty notes of clean Musk, Amber, and sweet, warm Vanilla punctuate this sensually provocative, luxe parfum.

Now, discover more by visiting and post your pics of Coachella please!

What I say about it: warm, spicy, complex, enticing, and something I want to keep smelling. Here is what the website says about it Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!