Saturday, April 23, 2011

Say Hello to my Easter toes in Borghese Limoncello
How to Ditch the Side Effects of Stress

See how stress affects your skin and learn how to reverse the damage

How to Ditch the Side Effects of Stress

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Hello Gorgeous!

It's pedicure time! Summer heat is already here in Arizona and my toes are dressed for an Easter party! I'm wearing the new Rapido Fast Dry Lacquer by Borghese in Limincello.

I love the golden color! Best part, it's quick drying so no smudges on my toe art. What are you doing for Easter? How are you and your family celebrating and making memories? What ever you do, I pray it's blessed and fun! Now, I'm off to the water park ( yes this early in the season-it's hot here!) and to show off my new pedi. Find your favorite color on the Borghese page at These are just 8 bucks!
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