Sunday, April 10, 2011

Envyderm eyelash growing challenge: week 1 Beautiful Hair Cheat Sheet

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Well here is a new product that you can see by the photo below that I am testing.

I love the eyelash and eybrow growing products1

Now most have worked in some capacity or another-though this time I am measuring!

This week I have started using Envyderm and below is a close up of how my lashes look right now.

I will post a follow up photo next week, and then in the 3rd week we will be able to compare and see the difference.

Here's some details about the product: EnvyDerm Eyelash Growth Serum is a gentle, non-prescription formula that promotes natural eyelash growth to give you longer, fuller and darker lashes. Our product contains only safe ingredients tested by ophthalmologists with no animal testing.

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