Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WELLA-whether you can read it or not-great for dry hair! 7 Tips to Help You Organize Your Makeup Like a Pro

Ignoring it won't make the mess go away. It's time to clean up your makeup stash -- here's how

7 Tips to Help You Organize Your Makeup Like a Pro

This is a expert tips article

It's time for a total overhaul and to find out the best and smartest ways to keep your stash in check, we went to the experts who offer up tips that'll help you keep your makeup organized and up-to-date.

Start cleaning

Hey Gorgeous!

The constant Ironman training is taking a toll on my skin and hair! It's so dry from the sun and chlorine! The blog received this lovely sample of deep conditioner from Wella and it's so rich and supple in the hair! Oh, one note-my sample arrived with several languages except English-my primary language. So it's good thing the college Italian lessons have lasted because I could understand enough of the instructions. I applied in the shower and let set under a baggy and steam while I finished sudsing up. After rinsing the results are soft unfrizzy hair. Thanks Wella! Plus it came with a flash drive-lately-every tradeshow seems to be giving out these things!
This is a great conditioner for getting hair prom ready, or Ironman ready in my case. It's perfectly safe for color treated hair too!
To learn more and find out how you can get your Wella deep conditioner please visit Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!