Friday, October 21, 2011

Anti-Bullying Campaign- My 3 step plan for massive impact
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Hello sweet Gorgeous!
Here I am with Tory Johnson of Spark & Hustle, Women for Hire and ABC job segments.
Look at me with my blonde hair-geez! It's like my friends should have told me, right?
Well, it's my turn to talk to you about bullying but before I do, here's the link to Tory Johnson and how her amazing resources can help you ladies, no matter what stage of life you are in! or .
Now when I think of bullying-I think of sideways glances, harsh words and exclusion. I think being left out and looked down upon is as painful as being physically assaulted.
So I have 3 simple steps to reach out of your comfort zone and be a comfort to someone else! Use this at home, in school, at the store, in church or wherever you go!
1. Use your eyes to smile at someone-you can show kindness and love with soft simple eye contact
2. Use your words to edify one another-like the old saying says "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all", and in our modern day lives I ask you to go one step further, say something kind. Keep it simple, just say something kind.
3. Include someone new in your circle of friends-reach out, if no one is reaching to you-then be the one to stretch! You can do it!
Finally, here's a movie resource to give you a visual demonstration: visit the website then get a copy to watch!
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