Friday, October 7, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week kick off at TSR!
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Hello Gorgeous!
Not only is it Yom Kippur time-phew, thank God for prayer, fasting and a good 'ol time of repentance-it's also Phoenix Fashion Week here in the beautiful desert of Arizona.
The charity fashion party was fun-but it quickly got down to business on the runway with model Briana Robertson in a show stopping blue jacket!

The models and clothes came at a steady pace down the 80 foot runway at TSR-the moniker for Talking Stick resort and casino which is really beautiful!
Meet up and coming model Gavin Tucker who is multi-tasking his talents to the max with attending Grand Canyon University, playing middle/infield in baseball and working a successful model career! Keep your eyes on Gavin as he models for Deeds of Love also-which, as I understand is in the front for winning the Emerging Designer award at Phoenix Fashion Week 2011.

Fellow blogger Arin of is joining me on the red carpet as we arrive for the Vitamin Water and Popcorn Chips hosted blogger party. The lounge was certainly different than other blogger events that I've attended but then again, it's always nice to be invited.
I met some amazing fashion bloggers like My Thirty Spot attending this event and I think it's good to mix it up abit! So expect to see some more fashion mixed in with all the makeup!

Here Arin and I are lounging before blogging.
Speaking of lounge-did I mention that Popcorn Chips sponsored the blog lounge? BBQ is my favorite followed by cheddar but please don't go near the salt and pepper flavor because it's too much like a dusty rice cake from the 1980's diet craze. Don't ask how I know about anything 80's or diet.

This is Brian Hill-the founder and driving force behing the Phoenix Fashion Week which is in it's 7th year. Does that surprise you? Expect to see more, much more come out of Phoenix!

There were 4 main collections shown from Velvet Boutique, Te Boutique, Bilby and Moss plus the emerging designers like Deeds of Love and Indi Apparel.
The main website is full of photos and video! Go see!
There is still time to get in on the fashion and fun at TSR-Talking Stick Resort! Check the website for ticket information-and remember, the best seats are actually the standing area around the stage and resort chairs.

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