Monday, October 3, 2011

Murad Resurgence-for chest wrinkles! Just what the doctor ordered!
Get a Healthy Diet Make Over

Steal the tips that transformed three women's diets

Get a Healthy Diet Make Over

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We know how hard it is to drive past the two gorgeous golden arches of McDonald's. But as you well know, fast food and a poor diet affect your skin in addition to your health. So when three women came to us in search for some help with their less-than-stellar eating habits, we hooked them up with a team of people who could give their diets the overhaul they needed. See the tips and implement them for your own healthy diet makeover now.

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Oh yeah Gorgeous! YOU gotta get some of this! Now-there is a really neat video on the homepage for Resurgence by MURAD, but it doesn't have an embed code so I couldn't put it on here. But go here to see it,
I've been using mine for over a week now, and primarily on my chest wrinkles and I am seeing some difference? Funny, right after receiving this sample, Dr. Oz had a show on the very subject of chest wrinkles and the guest dermatologist recommended a "bra pillow". Well, maybe that would help and I have yet to get one, but in the meantime I am going to continue using the Murad Resurgence Rejuvenating Lift serum. I love it's light silky texture, clean smell and tingly feeling. Then again, Murad always makes a great product!

Here is a note from the website-but really, you need to visit the Resurgence home page with Murad-if you have 'aging' skin-this stuff is for you!
Why you need it:
Restore youthful smoothness and even tone
Primary Benefits:
Increasing firmness 42% after just one application*
Retexturing skin to diminish crepiness and sagging
$55 with free shipping from Murad site
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