Monday, October 10, 2011

Phoenix Suns-game on?
Get the Perfect Haircut for Your Curly Hair

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Get the Perfect Haircut for Your Curly Hair

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Hello Gorgeous!
This past week I auditioned for the Phoenix Suns
to sing the National Anthem at one of the games.
So, is the NBA lockout over yet? It needs to be!
I sing the National Anthem as a service to my country
because I scored so low on the ASVAB and really am not military material.
I think I should team up with Jessica Simpson to sing and entertain the troops because I own a pair of mom jeans too.
Plus it would be like a modern day take on the classic road show movies with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. I'll be Bob and Jessica can be Bing.
Now, another reason why the NBA lockout needs to end soon so these two beautiful ladies can get out on the court and cheer! The Phoenix Suns cheerleaders were gracious and supportive of the people who auditioned that day. When I asked them to take my picture (the proof!) they said yes, snapped the pic you see above and then one of themselves! Too cute and I'm glad they did!
Stay tuned and I'll post the results of my National Anthem audition as soon as I know. In the meantime-make sure you visit back soon because there is an amazing line up of powerful women writing for th October Anti-Bullying campaign starting on Monday the 17th. Till then!
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