Saturday, October 8, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week ends tonight! Saturday Oct 8th
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Hello sweet Gorgeous and fashion lover!
Wow-has the week really gone by this fast and far?

Here I am standing with Phoenix Fashion Week team lead Melisssa Rein of A Brand Consortium as the media day kicks off and yet it went by so fast!

The Collins College award winner has been announced-Shankapotomus won for a basic golf tee looking shirt with plaid and pink on it. Oh joy!
Now, this edgy and unique look which is a take on Japan with influences in the fabric and style being represented.

Remember-when it comes to fashion: it comes out of Japan, makes its way to New York then circles to London, Milan and finally back around to Los Angeles and curls it's tail up at Arizona in the Phoenix desert.

I'm lucky enough to have been represented at the Phoenix Fashion week by long time contributors CDB: Christopher Drummond beauty which you can see me using the new compact by the line. I'm also represented at this event by Murad, Maya Water and the beautiful simple to use Violent Lips tattoos! Get some now for your costume party events coming up!

Out of all the 'fashioning' that I did-there were two lines that really stuck out to me as the lines that are going to go the distance and will soon be sold in Macy's as well as Nordstroms and boutiques and those lines are:

Deeds of Love by Trenell (photographed with his young son and upcoming entrepreneur) and Indi Apparel by Diana Lopez-who makes stylish clothes that are ready to travel and look fabulous on a moments notice!

Wow-the Phoenix Fashion week was amazing-now, onto Scottsdale Fashion Week in the spring!
Thanks again to the product sponsors who shared product to give away to the blog/Tweet party:
Maya Norweigian water, Murad skin care, and of course:
Violent Lips tattoos!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!